Naminance’s Origin

Now, about the name of this blog. As I mentioned at my first blog, I’m a nerd. I really like to play video games (I’m a console gamer!!). So, there’s this video game called Dead Island. It’s about the main characters stuck in island full of zombies. And when I played this, I thought about hell in paradise. You can watch the trailer of that game at Youtube, it’s actually a bit sad. At first the family goes on vacation, they are like doing family things happily, and suddenly they are being chased by zombies. The official trailer is in reverse time, so if you want to watch the “normal” time, you can watch it at IGN channel. And no, up until now I don’t finish the game. I couldn’t. Dead Island is the type of the games that in the beginning it’s easy, but when you progress the story, it will becomes difficult, and currently I’m in the middle of the plot, and I can say… it’s difficult and the zombies are starting to freak me out. I mean, really, the zombies are not like in the films when they walk slowly, and say rubbish things like “aaaa”. In that game… They run, literally run like Forrest Gump (look what I try to put the reference in here, LOL). And when it’s dark… I can’t even go outside of the safe house because I’m scaredL.

When I signed up, I use “hell in paradise” for my website’s name, but… it’s already been taken. Since I don’t have enough creativity, I looked up on internet, and the internet said that if you want to make website name, you can go to After I went to that website, I chose English and France for preferred language, and when I searched it there’s “naminance” in there. I don’t know if I told you already or not, but one of my friend used to call me Nami, haha. The word “naminance” sounds good in my ear, and it reminds me of the character in my favourite video game “Kingdom Hearts”, so I use it as my blog name.

Have a good day!




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