Now, I would like to talk about my first cat, Kimi!! I’ve already told you that she’s missing and until now I couldn’t find her, because I don’t have any lead about her missing.

when she was child

when she was kitten

In 2013, when I was in 3rd grade in senior high school, I really want to have cat like really bad. I don’t know what triggered that, but the want in me was really high that I had to mention it like everyday to my mom and even I promised to take care of the cat with my money. Maybe because my mom fed up of me, so she agreed. My mother has a friend who’s cat lover. He had 3 cats that time if I’m not mistaken and one of my friend’s cats was pregnant. My mother then asked my friend if his cat gives birth, she would like to have one. Sooo, I had one.

The timing was perfect. It was one week after my birthday. So, the new kitten actually was my present from my mom. I named it Kimi from Rugrats. And it suits her though. Kimi is a Turkish Angora breed, she liked to climb. When she was still in my home, she usually liked to climb in the partition rotan in my house and then she sat on top of it. She’s beautiful, and nope, it’s actually from the neutral POV not because I love her.

She liked to wake my mother’s up by scratching my parent’s door in the morning, and when my mom’s cook, she liked to sit in the small window in the kitchen.

when we went to Semarang by car

when we went to Semarang by car

When my family and I went to Semarang, she joined us too! She liked to watch other vehicles, and sit on top of our bags. We even had to put bags to cover the under front seats, because she liked to explore around, and it’s very dangerous if she goes to the driver’s area.

My father, who used to hate cats because he thinks that cats are dirty, now loves cats. It’s all because of her. Well, she will be in our hearts, even though we don’t know her condition.

More Kimi’s pictures:

she's beautiful, isn't she?

she’s beautiful, isn’t she?


when I played video game

when I played video game




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