Well… I don’t know what to say… Okay… First is WELCOME TO MY BLOG!! Actually I planned to make it in senior high school, then dragged back to plan it in the beginning of the college’s year… And now, it’s a second year of my college. LOL, I’m such a procrastinator. The plan was, when I pass one of top universities in my country, I will make a blog. But, maybe because I’m busy—and let’s face it that I’m a little bit lazy—I couldn’t make it. And it’s a shame that during the two and half months of holiday (I’m already miss it L) that I didn’t even start this blog. Well, holiday is supposed to going out, sleep, and play video games, haha (I’m such a nerd, really ). So now, in the beginning of my second year, I made this blog. And I know that I’ll rarely write in this blog, because this will be hectic, like a really hectic year.

Actually I don’t know what I should put in this blog. They are bunch of blogs that dedicated in just one type, like travelling blog, beauty product review blog, and daily life blog. The thing is… I can’t make that, for example the one with beauty product review blog. I’m not the type of people who just buy the makeup, buy it and then just try it. No. I don’t want to buy something that in the end I’m going to regret it. I’m the type of people when to buy something; I have to look the review at least 8 reviews in the internet or usually I try my friend’s make up before buy it. AND, I always bring my friend to buy makeup because I want my friend’s opinion. I can’t rely on the seller’s opinion because they always wear heavy makeup, that I’m actually cringe when I look at them and they are rely on commission. And friend is always brutally honest when I want to ask their opinion about what my choice.

So, I decided to make this blog all of them above, from my ramblings, travelling, beauty product, and etc. And, maybe I’ll use my native language, well, if my laziness starts to kick it in the future.

That’s all that I have to say. I would like to say thank you, for visiting my blog, and hopefully, that all of you who visit read all of my writings. Have a blast day!



P.S.: For those all of you who are grammar nazi, bear with me. English is NOT my native language.


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